Looking Fall-ward

Posted by Kimberly Myhre on

I've decided the best way to get over the misery of an unusually hot and completely dry PNW summer is to look forward to the fall.

I love autumn. Maybe it's because I'm an October baby. Maybe it's because I'm a teacher, and autumn has always been a "start fresh" period of time. I don't know, but does it really matter?

Autumn is my time of preparation. 

  • The closets get cleaned and reorganized. Sweaters get cleaned and mended.
  • The garden gets harvested. We can and freeze loads of jams, sauces, veggies into all kinds of goodies that will remind us of summer in the middle of winter.
  • The yarn shelves get washed down and the craft/ studio space gets cleaned out.
  • I start creating a plethora of Pinterest inspiration boards for everything from autumn color to fall stew recipes. (I love Pinterest. It's one of my favorite time sucks.) 

The funny thing is, that I end up using summer to prepare for Autumn Preparation. Yeah, I know. I've stopped trying to figure it out. Basically, I live for autumn and that's that. Naturally, this leads to a pile of "works in progress."

  • Sewing: I'm quilting a table runner using fabrics I dyed with indigo, and bundle/ eco-printed
  • Knitting: I have a Find Your Fade shawl in progress (why did I start that thing?? It's soooo huge!) using handspun and a couple of commercial yarns. I also have a Knusa shawl by Bristol Ivey, from a Taproot Magazine issue in progress (almost done)
  • Weaving: I've got warp on the loom for dish towels. I'm telling you - handwoven dishtowels are the BEST! I have towels I wove in 1989 that are just now starting to look worn.Totally worth the time investment. Some will be a gift. The rest are likely to end up in the shop.
  • Spinning: I started working on a lamb fleece I bought at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival two years ago. I really want to finish that. It's not going to give me as much yardage as I had hoped, but that's ok. However-- spinning for the shop has to happen first.

The studio "works in progress" include:

  • Knitting: 1 cowl pattern in writing/ editing progress using the Kanin base (80/20 merino/ angora squishy softness) plus some sampling of new colorways and  yarn bases
  • Dyeing:  silk prep for an eco printing class I'm scheduled to teach at the Kirkland Arts Center on August 19-20; autumn colorways on all yarn bases, spinning fibers, and two custom orders. It's like yarn central around the studio. Stuff is hanging everywhere!! (OK - it's really fun to be surrounded by color)
  • Spinning: Samples for three new fibers I'll be carrying. I am so excited!! Charollais, Horned Dorset (both white) and naturally grey Finn (my favorite, I think). BEYOND delicious.
  • Weaving: maybe towels (see above)
  • Sewing: project bags! And bags just because I felt like making them.
  • In the planning stages: self striping yarns, spinning batts from my own little flock, teas, and expanded studio space


What season is your favorite? How do you prepare for it?