About us

TEASEL's  goal to share the joy of "making" by providing unique, quality goods ready to use in any way you see fit. The items here are thoughtfully sourced, created, and infused with positive thoughts, ready to turn your creative ideas into reality!

 I come from a long line of handmakers. It's a way of life I'm proud to continue. My family does a little bit of everything "makery", but my particular affinity is for textiles. I LOVE to manipulate, create and color them. I spin, weave, knit and dye using both environmentally responsible acid dyes and natural/ plant dyes. All hand dyed yarns and fabrics are done in small batches in my studio.

The colors used in all of Teasel's hand-dyed products are custom blended by myself. While some colorways are repeatable, it's never an exact match, especially with the natural/ plant dyes. For that reason, it is STRONGLY recommended that you purchase what you need at one time. If you don't see enough of what you want, contact me at shopteasel@gmail.com. While custom orders aren't the norm, I'm usually able to accommodate requests for larger dye lots.

Thanks for shopping at Teasel!

 But Kimberly! What is a Teasel?  Glad you asked! A teasel is a member of the thistle family. It's considered a noxious weed here in the United States, but in Western Europe (its native area) it has a rich and long historical association with the wool industry. Teasel plants have very sharp flower heads that dry very hard. Historically, dried flower heads were bound onto paddles and used like a brush to full  woven wool cloth. I love the idea that a homely, prickly plant can help make beautiful cloth. Being a very passionate textile artist, I couldn't  help but choose the teasel to represent my shop.