Social/ Environmental Responsibility

Concerns about environmental conservation, human health and dignity have a direct impact on how I do business.I spend a lot of time researching vendors, and auditing my own practice in order to make the best, most thoughtful choices possible. I do not share who my sources are as that is proprietary, but if you have any concerns or questions, just ask! 

Commitment to Small Farms, Fibersheds, and Indie Shops:  I believe that a diverse, local economy is vitally important to community and national economic health, so I purchase the majority of my materials from local sources. 

"But you're an online store! Doesn't that conflict with the "locavore" ethos and/ or drive brick and mortar shops out of business?" Nope. The reality is, that not everyone lives in a place where they can get what they want/ need at a local brick and mortar store. Online purchasing is a necessity for some, and those customers have a right to a great selection. There can be room for everyone.

Be curious. Buy consciously.