Eostre - Purple Lilac

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There is a very old, very large lilac bush (tree, really) in our front yard. When it blooms, we know spring is finally here. The heady fragrance fills the house for the few short weeks we get to enjoy its deep purple blossoms. Its bloom time is over all too soon, forcing us to wait until spring comes around again. At least there is this logwood dyed yarn to remind us of what there is to look forward to. . .

Pure PNW fine, fingerweight Merino. NOT a superwash yarn. Next to the skin soft.  Half Skeins originally created for the Tinctoria Cowl Kit by Emily Neal Estrada for Fibretown Designs.

Full Skein: 450 yrd/ 100g

Half Skein: 225 yd/ 50 g

Usually knit on 1 mm - 3.5 mm needles

Handwash, air dry