Handmaker's Skin Saving Sugar Scrubs

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I love spinning silk, camel, alpaca and other fine fibers. A quick exfoliation and moisturizer application before spinning such fine, static prone fibers is really a necessity to prevent fibers from snagging on dry skin, forming pills and fly away fibers. Sugar scrubs followed by lotion are perfect prevention tools.
 Crafted in small batches with high quality natural ingredients by Robyn of Handmade LaConner, these scrubs will exfoliate away the rough patches on your hands, elbows, knees and wherever you need it to. Man Scrub smells like a peaceful walk in the Pacific Northwest forest and Gardener's Scrub is a lovely herby, lavender-rosemary fragrance.  Whether you are a handspinner, gardener, cook, or someone who is simply prone to dry skin, this should be part of your body care repertoire.

Pure Ingredients:

Raw Fair-Trade Sugar
Coconut Oil
Shea Butter
Botanical Scrub
Essential Oils